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Tangent Certified Used and Refurbished Products

Tangent used and refurbished products are thoroughly tested by our staff of engineers to guarantee the equipment is certified for operation in your network. A Tangent certified used/refurbished product will have passed all of the following procedures, as they apply:

  1. Visual inspection of the interior/exterior of the chassis and modules;
  2. Unit is powered on to verify operation;
  3. Password recovery procedures are applied, custom user configurations are cleared and unit is reset to the factory default settings;
  4. Unit memory and configuration are standardized to the current factory default level;
  5. Packets are passed through all fixed and modular interfaces to test that they function properly;
  6. Modular slots are tested with the appropriate modules to verify functionality;
  7. Manufacturer field notices are consulted to check for any relevant product/software incompatibilities;
  8. Units are run for a 24 hour period;
  9. Chassis interior/exterior and modules are thoroughly cleaned;
  10. Chassis exterior may be painted if the unit does not meet Tangent's cosmetic standards;
  11. Unit is packaged in antistatic materials with the appropriate accessories;
  12. Tangent Certified refurbished products are warranted for one year from the date of sale.
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